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My Top Ten Tabletop Board Games

I have decided to start reviewing tabletop board games. I have been running an after school board game club for almost three years. This last week I ran my first successful all day tabletop day at our local community center and had a great turnout. Over the last few years I have slowly turned away from video games and embraced tabletop games. I have been purchasing far too many of them (this is a lie. You can never have too many) and it is time for me to really start running all of them through the paces. I am also going to my first GenCon next week and plan on reporting out on all the cool and new interesting things I find. With that in mind I am going to put out a short list of my ten favorite tabletop games so far. I will update the list as new games crack it (I am looking at you Robinson Crusoe).

1) King of Tokyo

I play this game more than any game I own. Simple mechanics, easy rules, and very quick. This is the go to game whenever we need to fill in some time.

2) Pandemic

I love playing this game on the ridiculous level. Had a game once where an eminent victory on the next turn became a crushing defeat and had everyone asking, “What the hell just happened?”

3) Ticket to Ride

This was the game that hooked my wife into tabletop games. It will always have a place in my heart.

4) Lords of Waterdeep

My first worker placement game and still my favorite.

5) Gloom

This game has always been one of my favorites. The storyteller in me goes crazy in it. Next year I will be introducing Gloom into my classroom curriculum for writing.

6) Cosmic Encounters

A fairly easy game to teach with an amazing amount of variety. Not to mention backstabbing your alliances.

7) Firefly

No one was more amazed than me that a game based on a TV series turned out to be great. Traveling around the galaxy setting the Reavers loose on your opponents.

8) Discworld: Ankh-Morpork

I admit my love of Discworld helps keep the game in the top ten. Having said that, it is one of the most played games in my board game club. The mechanics are easy to understand and the cards are beautiful and hilarious.

9) Alien Frontiers

A dice rolling game with an amazing amount of strategy. I just started playing this one so it bumped Galaxy Truckers out of my top ten.

10) Sentinels of the Multiverse

A very deep superheroes card game. I have played this game a lot and still haven’t exhausted all the combinations (mind you I own all the expansions).

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