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Off To WonderCon

Why yes, I am going to WonderCon this weekend. While I am looking forward to going to panels, walking the floor, sneaking off to Disneyland, seeing all the costumes, and tons of other fun things – this year’s WonderCon is going to be all about the visiting. This is going to be my one chance to see all my geeky con friends this year. For the first time in ages I have decided to not go to ComicCon. It was a tough call to make and I waited all the way until the last second to make it. Ultimately, I decided to give GenCon a go this year.

I will try to post a few updates this weekend if I do or see anything interesting. No, this will not include the sneaking off to Disneyland part. Okay, it might but only if it’s because I had to stop my lovely wife from buying everything. This is code for me buying everything.

I will be mostly going to panels with friends on it. So I will be reading about any big scoops just like you will but my friends are way smart so I plan on writing up some of their awesome panels as soon as I get a chance. Of course, the first thing we have to do is drive there. Right after school no less. So we will be rolling into Anaheim sometime after midnight. Nothing like a 9 hour drive after a long day at work. Our insanity knows no bounds.

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