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Our Geeky Valentine


I was kind of wracking my brain a little bit about what to write on Valentine’s Day. Last year I wrote a zombie story and really there is no topping that. I decided I would create a Valentine’s list of recommendations. I am going to go a little different today in that nothing on this list necessarily has anything to do with love.

Instead, these are just pieces of entertainment that Sheri and I both love. We actually have pretty different tastes on movies, books, and entertainment in general but when our worlds collide it is wonderful. The items that made this list are the cream of the crop. We have much more than this but these are the ones where we get all gooey inside (this blog has been wife approved)

MusicalsWicked – We have seen a lot of musicals over the years. We have tons that we both like but this is the one we would both see again tomorrow without hesitation.


I have to admit this list is slightly skewed. I am just not a big fan of country pop. For years this was primarily what Sheri listened too. So I admit that most of this list were musicians I loved that she joined me in my admiration for. There is one notable exception and I think it is fairly obvious.

Kim Boekbinder

Zoë Keating

Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer

The Dixie Chicks


Rodrigo y Gabriela


Alphabet Mysteries by Sue Grafton

This mystery series really changed everything for us when it came to reading. Sheri is still not a fan of Science Fiction or Fantasy books (mostly because she isn’t a big fan of giant novels). Up until we started reading this series Sheri mostly read cozy mysteries and I had been reading very few mysteries. Grafton’s hard boiled PI Kinsey Millhone changed the way both of us read. I read more mysteries than anything now and while Sheri still enjoys a cozy she digs the hard boiled ones as much as the next person.

Repairman Jack by F. Paul Wilson

Sookie Stackhouse by Charlaine Harris

Kenzie and Gennaro by Dennis Lehane

Stephanie Plum by Janet Evanovich

Elvis Cole & Joe Pike by Robert Crais
TV Series

Here is where an interesting personality quirk of Sheri’s shows up. She may not like to read Science Fiction and Fantasy but she loves to watch it.

The X-Files – This was the series that confirmed us as geeks in love.

Veronica Mars – First two seasons. We weren’t hot for the third.


Big Bang Theory

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

The Muppet Show

Slings and Arrows


Coupling (The UK version. The US version sucked hard)

The Guild – not really a TV series but I had to put it somewhere

So You Think You Can Dance


Ghostbusters – Really this movie was the perfect storm. Comedy, science fiction, fantasy, ghosts. What more could you want?


Back to the Future Trilogy – We are believers that this set of movies is better watched together.

Empire Strikes Back

Say Anything


Edward Scissorhands


Schindler’s List

Forrest Gump

L.A. Confidential

The Wizard of Oz

I know nothing on here is new, but maybe there is an item or two you missed the first time (everything on here is definitely worth another look). If nothing else I can not encourage you more to do this activity with your significant other. The best part of this list was talking about it with Sheri. We added and subtracted a lot of items. It confirmed how much fun it is to have lots in common with the one you love. Now you will have to excuse me. I need to go spend some quality time with my friend.

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  1. Merri says:

    >I love kinsey! Im not sure if im up to date on that series or not. They come out so long spaced I always forget what letter I'm on. Happy late valentine's day.

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