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Politicians Who Lie (A Tale of Redundancy)


There are a lot of reasons I hate politics and elections but none greater than the gluttonous amounts of hate which get spread around during this time of the year. It seems no one really wants to run on actual issues. It’s all about slinging mud. Politics are basically the lowest rung on the DNA spiral.

Slinging mud is bad enough but when political ads don’t even attempt to be truthful, when they attempt to win an election by selling fear and borderline racism, my brain attempts to go supernova inside my skull.

The latest rage inducing example of fear mongering is brought to us by the single cell amoeba known as Spike Maynard. Maynard a West Virginia Republican is running a television ad campaign which accuses his opponent, Nick Rahall of accepting donations from terrorists.

Now before we go too much farther down the twisted road of lies let’s get one thing out of the way. Rahall did in fact receive a campaign contribution from Abdurahman Alamoudi who was in fact convicted on terrorists charges related to Libya. This is where the truth starts getting squished into a tiny little malevolent ball of evil.

What the ad doesn’t say is Rahall immediately gave away the money to a Baptist church who shipped the money off to missionaries in the Middle East. He never kept the money and Maynard knew it but this wasn’t going to stop him from lying to the voters. The ad also forgets to mention who else Alamoudi gave money to. How about Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush to name drop a few rather large political whales.

The other thing the ad failed to mention was the enormous amount of money contributed, 600 whopping dollars. That’s right he was given so much money he is going to be able to buy a few rolls of stamps. The whole thing stinks to high heaven. It isn’t even the first time Maynard has gone after Rahall with questionable ads. One of the other ads questioned Rahall’s outreach to Arab-Americans for President Obama.

I am so done with all of this. I wish there was an organization I could donate to which would run anti-hate ads against people like Maynard. The message would be simple, “Spike Maynard is a liar” paid for by the people who want honest politicians running our country. In the meantime I would like to welcome Nick Rahall to the Church of the No Fucking Way because there is no fucking way people like Maynard should be running our country.

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