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Reading Is My Jam

Summer is here and I needed some time to reset my brain. I have been in a bad place for a long time now. I know a lot of the frustration I feel is because my knee is not healing as fast as my brain wants it to. I miss running. I miss crossing the finish line in races. I miss the feel of accomplishment every time I do something I thought I had no chance of accomplishing. It doesn’t help that I am having a hard time controlling my weight while not running. Throw in a very tough end of the school year. I was zapped. Brain fried. Depression achievement unlocked.

Sheri and I decided to have a relaxed summer. Not as much travelling. In part this is because we are going to London for Star Wars Celebration next summer and we needed to start saving. Mostly, I just needed to relax and read books. Lots of books. Reading has always been my go to anti-depressant (or it was until I took up running).

All told I read 22 books last month. Combined with my first week of really consistent exercise (4 out of the last 5 days I have been able to go an hour on the eliptical or treadmill) and I am feeling like my brain has clicked back into the right place. I actually cracked a few smiles while exercising this week.

When I was younger reading took me away from everything. Allowed me to escape into worlds better than my own. They taught me how to be a better me. Reading is my jam. It always has been. It was a great June and I am ready to get back to writing. Get back to running. Start training for the New York Marathon. You know, being me. Tune in this weekend for my mid-year best of reading list. There are some gems on it.

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