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This is a blog about not writing. I got nothing. Thanks for reading……

I thought about posting the above statement and letting it go but I knew my readers wouldn’t really believe I didn’t have anything to write. Since today is the day I usually update on my writing during the week it will be a particularly short blog because I didn’t do a whole lot of writing this week. Upon completion of Keepers, I thought I would take a few days and then start the final edit on Darklands Book 2. This did not happen. Instead I read a lot this week. In particularly comics. I was so far behind on my comic reading that my kittens were using the shipping boxes by the door as a cat tree.

I don’t think I have been caught up on my comic reading in a very long time, over a year definitely. I should be all caught up later tonight or tomorrow. This makes me happy because while I have been reading the comics I have also been sketching out some ideas for two different comic series (one is a new one. One is one I have been working on for a bit). My goal is to have an outline and sample script done for each of them by the end of June and then send them off to Darkhorse. Summer vacation starts next week and we are not going anywhere right away so I will have some time.

I also spent a lot of time reading about e-book marketing and trying a few things out. I suck really hard at it. Book sales have slowed to a down right crawl. I am trying not to worry about it. I will admit that I had hoped they would do a little better. It has been an interesting lesson in exactly how much Twitter has been worth to marketing (not as much as I hoped). Especially the Zombie Holiday book. At a whopping .99 there isn’t much of a reason for people not to give it a go. Of the two books out there I also know it is the one people are going to be far more likely to love (not that the other one is bad but the zombie book is a different beast. Humor, horror, and a nice little love story are hard to beat). Despite the low price point the sales have also dried up.

What this means is I will have to keep working at getting myself out there. It is a steep learning curve but I am in no particular hurry. On the plus side, I did receive what could only be deemed as my first bit of fan mail. It was on the Zombie book and it was from someone I didn’t know in the least. I have to admit it was cool to write them a quick note back. Now if I can find a way to make that person buy fifty copies for her friends I will be in business. I’ll start editing and writing again this week. I plan on having my editing done by the end of June and then I will start-up on the last Darklands book (which I want done by September). I am not sure if I am any good but I am prolifically disillusioned if I am not.

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