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Rod Blagojevich World’s Most Delusional Man


I have followed the Rod Blagojevich story since the very beginning. I probably should call him governor but since he left in disgrace I am going to go ahead and excuse myself. No need to leave a bad taste in my mouth. I think even forming the syllables Governor Rod Blagojevich would leave my mouth tasting like ground zero in a brussels sprout explosion.

The only thing missing from Blagojevich’s story to make it truly complete is that he is not from South Carolina. That would have been perfect. Not that Illinois hasn’t had it’s share of whack jobs but South Carolina is like nirvana for political nut cases right now. I think if you throw a stone you hit one.

Blagojevich was found guilty of making false statements and the jury hung on the other 23 counts. To Blagojevich this seems to mean he was found not guilty but this simply isn’t true. On those 23 counts the jury didn’t find him not guilty on one of them. On some of them it was one lone juror holding out which led to the hung jury. I am okay with this. It is how our system works and now the prosecution needs to decide if they are going to pursue the retrying of the case.

What we do know is that Rod Blagojevich is not an innocent man on at least one count. Quite possibly more if it goes back to trial, something the prosecutors are saying is going to happen. This has not stopped Blagojevich from announcing to the world he is reconsidering entering back into politics. He believes the 23 hung counts are an indicator that he stood up to the federal government and won. This makes him the perfect choice for any political office.

I think it makes him the most delusional man in America. This is really saying something because this is the same country which has a lot of fruitcakes. I mean a few weeks ago if you had asked me if anyone was more delusional than Pat Robertson I would have laughed at you. Seriously, Robertson has a crazy quota required of him every month but Blagojevich has him beat. There is no way he is getting elected to another political office in Illinois.

You will notice I said Illinois. I prefaced it this way because I have faith in those fine people. Now Washington D.C. which reelected Marion Berry after he was caught on tape smoking crack would clearly have him. Of course, South Carolina would take him in a heart beat. I think they actually have a box on their ballots you have to check to certify that you are scandal worthy.

The best part of Blagojevich’s delusional visions of the future is they started this weekend at the Chicago Comic-Con where he was selling his autograph for $50 – $80 a pop to rebuild his war chest. Announcing your coming political comeback while shilling yourself at a comic-con is only a couple of steps away from a little white jacket and a nicely padded room. The good news is that Mr. Blagojevich has at least found a new home. I welcome him with open arms to the Church of the No Fucking Way because those are his chances of getting elected in Illinois again.

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3 Responses to “Rod Blagojevich World’s Most Delusional Man”

  1. Tom says:

    >You sure are something else. I always wondered, "what if this guy was allowed to speak his mind about anything he wanted to in the classroom?". I knew that I was being restricted from being exposed to some different views, being protected as a child (and all that jazz). Frankly, I hated being protected and treated as a child, even though I was just that. I guess that is the price you pay for public education. Maybe they should have a voluntary after school program where parents can consent to having their children listen to you rant. I would be down with that, better than them not being prepared.

  2. Christopher says:

    >The truth is I am very careful what I say in the classroom. I treat them like young adults. I treat them with respect. I teach them, I hope, how to find facts and be critical thinkers.I want them to grow up and decide for themselves what is important. They only need to respect me as a teacher and a human. I don't have any desire to force my ideology down their their throat. That would make me no better than anyone else who thinks all children should believe or behave in a certain way.The good news is I don't force anything down their throats (not the so called left or right). I just prepare them for to handle it.

  3. Christopher says:

    >Last sentence should have read how to handle it 🙂

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