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Sending Love To Japan

I write this sad and tired having stayed up most of the night watching the most unbelievable display of mother nature unleashing its kick ass power on the world. I sat horrified as I watched the city of Sendai get completely engulfed. They had ten minutes of warning. It was a city of one million people. The loss of life and destruction of property is going to be unimaginable. Already the missing numbers are rising like some fucked up video game score.

I wish I could adequately describe the emotions I had watching the floating wall of flame. Seeing cars desperately trying to turn around in the road in a vain attempt to find an escape path. Gasping as people jumped out of their cars and tried to out run that which could not be out run. There is a lot of technology in Japan. This is going to be the most well documented natural disaster ever.

It was interesting to listen to scientists this morning. I wonder how hard it is for them to sound so excited about all the new information they will gain from this event. They are scientists, they are going to do their job and I do not fault them. Their job might help people survive the next time it happens. It still has to be weird knowing this knowledge will come at a very heavy price.

Last night was also a reminder of how much I hate news stations in the United States. Their coverage was spotty. They have directors who think they work for MTV and cut away from every clip before your brain has a chance to digest what it is seeing. They actually rolled Charlie Sheen scrolls under their coverage (something which I must admit made me want to reach into the screen and punch some producers in the face). Several of their anchors chuckled and said statements which offended me during the night (I will say I was very emotional. It’s possible they were too and didn’t know how to deal with it. Didn’t make it any easier to stomach).

My heart goes out to the people of Japan (and any other islands which got smacked because as of writing this I hadn’t heard too many reports of the small islands in the pacific). If any of my readers out there have someone who was impacted by this tragic events I wish you and your families well. I send all my love, hugs, and compassion. In the end nature reminds us all whose planet this is. I hope this reminder will not come at the cost of too many lives.


If you would like to help out here is a link to the Red Cross

or text “REDCROSS” to 90999 to give a $10.00 donation


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