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Shovel Ready by Adam Sternbergh

He was a garbageman. He was happily married. He would never be rich but his life was everything he had hoped it would be. Then the dirty bomb hit Times Square and his world exploded with it. Burning down everything he had. Killing everything he believed in. Now he is Spademan and he kills people for a living. Still taking out other people’s garbage.

Shovel Ready is a post apocalyptic New York. The world has gone to hell and the rich have fled to a virtual reality universe where they can ignore the horrors around them. New York has become a ghost town and Spademan wonders if it can get any worse. The answer is of course, yes. Hired to kill a young woman he is forced to finally face what he has become. He decides he doesn’t like what he has become.

In a story that moves at lightning speed you will find yourself sucked into the world of Spademan. I loved the writing in this book. Adam Sternbergh creates some wonderful characters and an interesting world. He combines it with an interesting writing style that makes the book thoroughly enjoyable. Sternbergh’s world is dark but the journey is well worth the ride.

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