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Somebody Stop Me

Welcome to my new WordPress Blog. Like most things I do in my life I started it yesterday and told myself I will just work on it a little each day until it is done. When I finally crawled into bed at 5 a.m. this morning I had spent more hours than I care to admit on it. Sadly, I was only half done. I got myself a wonderful 4 hours sleep woke up and went right back at it.

So much for a little at a time. Around 5 pm tonight I finished it enough to go live with it. Hence, this wonderful first post. I should know better than to think I am going to be able to turn my damn brain off on projects like this. There was one little voice in the back of my head screaming, “somebody stop me!” but it was being drowned out by all the malevolent voices whispering, “you can do it. Only a little longer and you will be done. Sleep?  Sleep is for wussies.”

Really it is a sickness.  I should have had Sheri come in and club me with a stick and drag me off to bed. It doesn’t help that my wonderful kittens sit on my lap or the chair next to me purring. I think they are in league with the evil voices. They are probably getting some extra cat food on the side (it would explain why Troubadour won’t stop growing. I feel silly calling him a kitten).

Well, it is mostly done now. I imported my whole blog over from Blogger but I had decided a long time ago I was not going to use everything. I wanted to have a little bit of a fresh start. The import was 41 pages longs. If you have never used WordPress that is a lot of blogs. I knocked it down to 8 pages. I am pretty happy with what I kept and how it looks. The thing that took the longest was fixing all the weird formatting errors from the import and adding back in featured pictures so they would shop in excerpts.  The only pages that were a total mess were my year in review music blogs. They took forever to get right on Blogger and came over looking like a jigsaw puzzle. I made them readable but I am still going to have to go back and do some reformatting.

So, if you are new here you are getting a sampling of what I have done over the last two years. If you are a regular reader and you happen to notice a blog you really liked is gone drop me a line and I will add it in (I am not expecting too many notes here because this would require you to go back and look through the blog and see if it is there). I really should have made this switch long ago. I am not totally happy that I can’t write Java code to run plug-ins but I will live with it. Most of the widgets I found did the trick.

If you happen to be a subscriber to my RSS feed you will have to change it to the new one. The www.csdaley.com domain should be following along soon (unless I screwed up the domain transfer which is entirely possible). I hope you enjoy the new site. It is a little easier to get around and I am sure I will be tweaking now and again as I get used to WordPress. Next time I think about doing one of these projects on a weekend though I might have to lock myself in a room without a computer because the “no off button” has left me a little sleepy.

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  1. merri says:

    I love it! A lot of people who had been using blogger have switched over to wp, and I always love it. I sort of want to do mine too…but im not sure ill be able to. We’ll see. Anyways, great job!

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