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Sugar Mama Part Deux


My never ending quest to convince my wife to let me quit my job and stay home all day and play video games (I mean write) has received a large helping hand this week. I received two, not one, but two proposition letters on MySpace.

Yes, two different women on MySpace sent me letters telling me how handsome and nice I looked. How kind my eyes were. They said if I would only email them or instant message them we could surely start a wonderful and long lasting relationship. They were looking for love and I was their man.

Never mind that I listed my status as married or that confusing picture of my wife on my arm. They reached out to me to help them find fulfillment. Armed with these two letters I returned to the negotiating table with my wife.

Surely, now she would give in and be my sugar mama. How could she refuse when it was so clear that women were prepared to toss themselves at my feet? It was time for her to realize that she had a hot commodity and she needed to do everything she could to keep me happy.

I laid out my argument again (click here for failed first attempt). Even better than the first time. I brought my computer with me. I showed her the letters. I let her see the lovely pictures of the women. I built my foundation like a master architect. I took a breath and waited. She smiled and stepped in close and whispered in her kindest voice, “You can run away with those women if you want but you won’t be able to quit your day job. Those phone sex women are expensive.”

I think I am getting closer, that was clearly a maybe.

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  1. Sari says:

    >We're working on that too, lol. My money paid for the house, now I want to quit my job and Simon can support us. We're so close! I think he likes the idea of me being a housewife. 😉

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