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Sugar Mama

The other day I wrote about my desire to quit the day job and take up writing full time. An interesting phenomena occurred upon having it read by friends, family. & twitter people. I received a bunch of messages saying I should do just that. So I started thinking why not?

I sat down wrote out the pros and cons and decided that really the only thing holding me back is I needed a sugar mama. Then the little evil guy who resides in the back of my head said, “Dude, you have a sugar mama!” I thought about it and realized, what the hell I did have a sugar mama.

I sat down and carefully wrote out the speech to convince Sheri what a great idea it would be to let me stay home all day and write. I meticulously researched the buzz words that would sway my woman’s heart. I bought flowers, wrote a few poems, and cleaned my side of the room.

When she came home from work I pounced. I had to keep her off guard. Dance around her with my wit and verbal shenanigans. She was reeling I tell you, it was a dazzling display of verbosity. I finished and waited for my answer expectantly.

Sheri smiled and told me, “Sugar mama huh? What a great idea! When you find her let me know. Maybe we can work out a trade.”

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3 Responses to “Sugar Mama”

  1. >How long did you work on your proposal? And then with one smile and a few words she she brought you right back down to earth didn't she? You lucky man you, you're right, you got yourself a sugar mama!

  2. Bill Martell says:

    While waiting for your Sugar Mama…

    How many writers got started doing a few pages a day before work? Just do that.

    Back when I was combing through Hooked On Books for Richard Stark’s I didn’t have, and was working at Lq Barn, I wrote at least one page per day (often more – but my quoata was a single good page). That’s 3 screenplays, or a novel, every year. And that’s easy.

    I look at those pulp guys like Walter Gibson and Lester Dent who wrote 2 novels *a month*. That’s crazy! But it shows you what is possible. I wrote a 2,500 word article today that is due tomorrow. Um, if I could write 2.5k words a day for 6 days a week? I’d have a novel in a month! Of course, I’m lazy.

    But don’t wait for the Sugar Mama – write now. And when you get a book, throw it on Amazon. And then just keep writing.

    Here’s the scary numbers: To make 50K, you have to sell 20 books a day through Kindle (at $9.99). To sell 20 books a day, you need more than one book. So start writing!

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