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Nemesis Games by James S.A. Corey

It isn’t always easy reviewing a fifth novel in a series. By now most people who are reading this series don’t need to be convinced to keep reading it. They need only one thing. The confirmation that the series is still great and heading in the right direction. I can… Read the Rest »

Geeking Out With My Towel

> I think you ought to know I’m feeling very depressed – Marvin the Paranoid Android. This really sums up my week. It seems like nothing is going right and yet I know it is so much worse for others. Sometimes I get mad at myself for falling into the… Read the Rest »

Alien Ash Cloud!

Stephen Hawking is a smart man. I am certain he has forgotten more than half of what my brain has ever learned. He probably knows information that would make my brain seize up and explode. Despite all that knowledge Mr. Hawking thinks there are probably intergalactic space aliens out there… Read the Rest »

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