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Geek Card

The iPhone 4 came out today and not surprisingly the rotation of the world tilted slightly north under the weight of all the Apple geeks lining up outside stores. You know what I don’t get? Lining up outside of stores. I love technology and despite my recent blasts on Apple,… Read the Rest »

Privacy Pirates

So Apple is at it again. Proving to us everyday no matter how cool they like to make the world think they are, in the end they are just another big company. They might care a tiny bit more about their reputation and their users but not much. The bottom… Read the Rest »

Lord Jobs Is Cooler Than You

About every six months Apple is required to let Lord Jobs prance about on the stage and tell us he is cooler than us (by required I mean if they don’t he begins smiting his board of trustees until they give in). They disguise this “I am cooler than you… Read the Rest »

South Carolina Politics is Awesome Sauce

> Election day is so wonderful. Nothing like the constant reminder we really don’t have a choice in our fake democratic society. The Democrats will pick their bozos for us to choose from. The Republicans will run out their bozo candidates and somehow we have to figure out what bozo… Read the Rest »

Apple + Crazy = Microsoft 2.0

Do you remember when Microsoft was cool? I am sorry if any of you were drinking liquids at the time you read that sentence. I will not pay for any damage done to your computer. Reading this blog can be a dangerous proposition. It doesn’t change the fact when Windows… Read the Rest »

I Am Not A Crook

> I am an honest person. If I see someone drop some money on the ground I return it. If the grocery store forgets to ring something up I point it out. I am sometimes brutally honest when people ask me questions (I try to make sure I let people… Read the Rest »

How I Pissed Off John Cusack

> In 8th grade I was voted by my class most likely to grow up and annoy the shit out of someone. I won this distinction by turning my classroom into my own personal stage. I admit I took glee in driving my teacher into fits of head pounding rage…. Read the Rest »

Apple Geek Euphoria

I don’t know how the Apple geeks are going to sleep tonight. The anticipation of Lord Jobs speech tomorrow must be killing them. At long last they will get to watch the high master prancing about on the stage showing off the greatest gadget since William Seward Burroughs invented the… Read the Rest »

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