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8 Paws to Less Stress

These last two days have been a little stressful at work. My principal is out all week leaving me in charge. I don’t really like being in charge for this many days in a row. I start to stress about teachers who I don’t think are taking care of their… Read the Rest »

My Issues Run Deep or How My Cats Are Smarter Than Me

I actually thought the words to myself, “don’t start playing the game. You know you won’t be able to stop.” I, of course, didn’t listen to this sage advice and fired up the Xbox 360 and started playing BioShock 2 Sunday night. Many hours later Monday morning (I don’t want… Read the Rest »

When Kittens Attack: A Tail of Horror

Warning, there be cats ahead. Tomorrow is the day we officially lose the kitten status on Ginger. It is her birthday. We are not exactly sure when Troubadour’s birthday is but we know it is soon (he was abandoned so the shelter took their best guess. Ginger was born at… Read the Rest »

There Might Be Kittens

I thought about writing about the terrible things going on in Libya. It momentarily crossed my mind to talk about the lunacy that’s going on in Wisconsin with their teacher hating union busting governor. The craziness of the Middle East occupies my brain daily. The sadness I feel for the… Read the Rest »

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