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My Comic Book Life

Went into a comic book store today and spent way too much money. Comic book stores have that effect on me. If I had a religion growing up it was comics and I liked nothing better than worshiping at my favorite shrine, the comic book store. The first few years… Read the Rest »

How I Pissed Off John Cusack

> In 8th grade I was voted by my class most likely to grow up and annoy the shit out of someone. I won this distinction by turning my classroom into my own personal stage. I admit I took glee in driving my teacher into fits of head pounding rage…. Read the Rest »

Embrace the Inner Geek

I fought it for a long time growing up, my inner geek that is. I spent much of my early years of childhood (up until about age 11) trying to fit in. Be like every other kid in my school. I was athletic and it allowed me to hide amongst… Read the Rest »

Tattooed Paper

>   I think fiction saved my life. Looking back on all the ways my life might have gone. The paths and choices I made. I feel fortunate to end up in a place where I feel surrounded by love, music, and art. Fiction made the non-fiction freak show of… Read the Rest »

Book Geek

I have read a bunch of blogs about being a geek recently and it got me to thinking about the one area I really am a geek. I have a lot to choose from between video games, computers, gadgets, my unhealthy love affair with zombies. Nothing really compares to where… Read the Rest »

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