Letters of Mass Construction

Lions vs. Lunch

I like to think of myself as a good man. I try to live a life of measured insanity (since my brain long ago convinced me sanity was never going to work for me). I try not to have too many mean thoughts and often feel guilty when my brain… Read the Rest »

Don’t Feed the Lions

News media cracks me up. This would be okay if they were actually trying to crack me up instead of seriously delivering what they think is news in a manner which makes my side hurt from laughing. Don’t get me wrong I like to laugh. I am constantly listening to… Read the Rest »

Don’t Pet The Orcas

I do not want to appear insensitive. I feel extremely bad for the trainer (Dawn Brancheau) and her family after the tragic death at SeaWorld. It is an awful thing but I really can’t get too worked up about it. When you are dealing with wild animals, they sometimes act… Read the Rest »

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