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Shovel Ready by Adam Sternbergh

He was a garbageman. He was happily married. He would never be rich but his life was everything he had hoped it would be. Then the dirty bomb hit Times Square and his world exploded with it. Burning down everything he had. Killing everything he believed in. Now he is… Read the Rest »

Rude People Suck

I like holding the door for people, women or men. It is a nice thing to do. I have surprised a few fast food workers over the years with my words of “thank yous” and “have a nice day.” I am not perfect but I try to be polite when… Read the Rest »

Musical Geek (New York 2011)

Sometimes you just get lucky. We booked our New York trip back in January. This included theater tickets. Buying theater tickets before some shows open is always a risky venture. You are basing it on a gut feeling. Maybe something someone wrote. Out of town tryouts or small snippets of… Read the Rest »

Molly Crabapple Art Ambassador

Went to the Museum of Modern Art in New York today. It is a really wonderful museum. I love looking at art. I love trying to figure out why something might appeal to someone but have absolutely no tug on my art strings. Walking around becomes a game of guess… Read the Rest »

Death Bus 2010

So we survived the floating tin can. While I completely love the ability to climb into the belly of the massive steely beast on one side of the country and exit on the other, I don’t think I will ever enjoy flying again. It just isn’t natural. My brain starts… Read the Rest »

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