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Incarnators Week 5

I am learning some very important things about myself right now. Like, apparently I do in fact need a break from time to time. I wrote a novel, a short story collection, edited a novel and started a new novel with no breaks. To say the new novel has started… Read the Rest »

DC Comics Goes BOOM!

Unless you were abducted by aliens (hope they didn’t probe too hard) or fallen completely off the grid, you heard the news. It sent shockwaves across the comic universe. DC Comics is starting over. Every superhero book will get a relaunch at number 1. All of their superhero books will… Read the Rest »

Ginormous Blog Crossover Event

That’s right this is a crossover blog. In about three sentences you will have to go to another blog where I will finish my thought. You will then be informed of the new blog to go from there and some point in the near future you will actually get to… Read the Rest »

A Very Zombie 4th of July

I decided to write a 4th of July story for my wife. This is the best I could do with the pack of wolves barking around me (okay they were dogs but still). I wrote it in one sitting and did no editing. I make no claims to greatness but… Read the Rest »

My Comic Book Life

Went into a comic book store today and spent way too much money. Comic book stores have that effect on me. If I had a religion growing up it was comics and I liked nothing better than worshiping at my favorite shrine, the comic book store. The first few years… Read the Rest »

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