Letters of Mass Construction

Sugar Mama Part Cinq

It appears I am through the worst of whatever illness had grabbed ahold of me and squeezed. I did wake up with a massive headache but it went away a few hours later. This would have normally caused me to do a little dance but I was unable to because… Read the Rest »

Sugar Mama Part Quatre

I have a new found respect for anyone who has to actually transcribe interviews. I have been doing a little work here and there helping out people with their web sites. The latest job assignment was transcribing an interview with a Hollywood actress which is going to appear on someone… Read the Rest »

Church of the No Fucking Way

Many, many, many years ago it is widely rumored that L. Ron Hubbard said the quickest way to a million dollars is to form your own religion. No one can say he didn’t succeed beyond his wildest imaginations (and L. Ron had a wild imagination). Scientology is all over the… Read the Rest »

My Wife Needs a Warning Label

I like to eat. I particularly like to eat fresh vegetables. We have a bunch of space in our back yard to grow stuff but the soil is worthless hard pan. Any plant that could actually get its roots into the ground would have to be some mutant man-eating plant… Read the Rest »

Sugar Mama Part Trois

The health care reform act has left me inspired. Watching President Obama work tirelessly to bring insurance to those in need because he felt it was the right thing to do. He accomplished what many presidents before him had failed miserably at. I wrote two blogs, one serious and one… Read the Rest »

Sugar Mama Part Deux

My never ending quest to convince my wife to let me quit my job and stay home all day and play video games (I mean write) has received a large helping hand this week. I received two, not one, but two proposition letters on MySpace. Yes, two different women on… Read the Rest »

Sugar Mama

The other day I wrote about my desire to quit the day job and take up writing full time. An interesting phenomena occurred upon having it read by friends, family. & twitter people. I received a bunch of messages saying I should do just that. So I started thinking why… Read the Rest »

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