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Incarnators Week 6

Not a great week of writing but better. I have worked out some kinks with Incarnators and done some plotting. I also spent a bit of time hammering out the last few steps of getting Whispers of the Dead published. Happily, I did accomplish that goal. Whispers of the Dead… Read the Rest »

Incarnators Week 4

My suckage knows no limits right now. I got back from Comic-Con and slept all week. I did very little writing this week. I am going to have to hit the reset button and stop worrying about where I thought I should be right now. Instead, I will concentrate on… Read the Rest »

Incarnators Week 3

Comic-Con is over. It was a busy weekend. This is the only day of the week I have actually made it back to my hotel before 2 am. I love Comic-Con but it takes it out of you. If that isn’t bad enough this trip has been travel hell. I… Read the Rest »

Incarnators Week 2

I am pleased to say I have finally started writing the final book of the Dark Lands Trilogy. I didn’t make as much progress as I wanted to. I was hoping to enter this weekend at 5000 words and I came in at 4000. Nothing devastating, I can make that… Read the Rest »

Incarnators Week 1 Redo

This week I learned a very valuable writing lesson. I am very dedicated to making my daily word count goal on my novels while on vacation. That is as long as the novel is already started. Apparently, if it is a brand new novel, not so much. We spent a… Read the Rest »

Incarnators Week 1

After a couple long weeks where the editing process on Whispers of the Dead dragged slowly, I kicked my ass into gear and finished it early this morning (when I say early I mean early. Sometime after 1 am). Now all that is left for Whispers is to get it… Read the Rest »

Dark YA Fiction

I read an article in the Wall Street Journal a few weeks back which suggested young adult books are too dark today. It was a well written article and it had lots of valid points. I obviously don’t agree. Since I am currently finishing up my Darkland trilogy I wrote… Read the Rest »

Self-Publishing Learning Curve

This week was used almost entirely educating myself on marketing. I spent a lot of time on book blogs trying to find places to send out my book to get it reviewed. I was surprised to find a lot of blogs which refused to accept novels from self-published writers. I… Read the Rest »

Delusions: A Love Story

Okay, I have published two books. I am editing a third one to get it published by August. Another will follow in December and another in February. By then I should also have another book well on the way to being finished. At a minimum I will have 5 books… Read the Rest »

Keepers Week 12

This will be a short update because I am in Hawaii and honestly I have other things to do. I am very proud of myself though. Despite being on vacation and surrounded by beauty I managed to get my writing done. It hasn’t been easy and I am sure some… Read the Rest »

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