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Smashwords Pain

Technology is a wonderful thing, it really is. I am typing this blog on my iPad in a hotel room in San Francisco. I just set Sheri’s iPad up so she could use her 3G chip this month while we are traveling around. In a few moments we are going… Read the Rest »

Dark YA Fiction

I read an article in the Wall Street Journal a few weeks back which suggested young adult books are too dark today. It was a well written article and it had lots of valid points. I obviously don’t agree. Since I am currently finishing up my Darkland trilogy I wrote… Read the Rest »

To Publish or Not To Publish?

I have been thinking a lot about what level of success I am looking for on my books. What is the magic number that makes continuing to publish my own work a feasible plan? After much pounding of numbers I have no answers. Mostly because there is not a great… Read the Rest »

Delusions: A Love Story

Okay, I have published two books. I am editing a third one to get it published by August. Another will follow in December and another in February. By then I should also have another book well on the way to being finished. At a minimum I will have 5 books… Read the Rest »

E-book 101

I feel like I have been giving myself my own graduate class on how to publish your own books. I am going to have to grade myself on a curve because as of right now I am still feeling a little clueless. It was a hard decision to go the… Read the Rest »

Keepers Week 10

What a crazy week of writing. Last weekend I went to WonderCon which is code for I didn’t write the whole weekend. This is not a good thing. I have several deadlines barreling in on me. I want to be done with the first draft of Keepers somewhere near the… Read the Rest »

Keepers Week 8 & Release Dates

Well it has been a busy and interesting week for me writing wise. Keepers continues to move along at a good pace. I have now written more words in two months on Keepers than I did all of last year on the Steampunk novel. I am well over the halfway… Read the Rest »

The Dark Lands Week 16

It took one really late night but I did finish draft number three this week. I went through and made all of the grammar corrections my wife found. Cleaned up some awkward sections. Went back and rewrote part of an earlier chapter to make it fit the actions of a… Read the Rest »

The Dark Lands Week 15

This update is very late because of the wacky and crazy week we have had in Maui (hospital stay because brain felt like it was exploding plus an 80 acre fire across the freeway made it hard to get back to our room). We just got back into our condo… Read the Rest »

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