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Yukon Ho!

This was not the blog I was planning on writing today. I was going to write a brilliant and witty blog about geeks with a side helping of my geeky wife. Only something insidious and foul has gotten in the way. You know how you go on vacation and you… Read the Rest »

What Next?

As the end of the school year approaches I am trying to take a step back and prioritize where I am going next with my writing, health, and work. My writing has been particularly impacted as of late. I had a rough school year. Between teaching a class full of… Read the Rest »

London: A Love Story

We have returned from across the pond. We are exhausted but had a wonderful time. We both absolutely loved our stay. It was really hard to get up and go to work on Monday. My body is in California but my heart is still in London. We walked the shit… Read the Rest »

It’s Vegas Baby!

We have successfully survived Las Vegas. It was a really interesting trip. Sheri had a great birthday. We got to visit family and friends but something felt off. Vegas is hurting. You can see signs of it everywhere. I have never seen so many people begging for money. Homeless people… Read the Rest »

London At Last

Several years ago Sheri and I had decided we wanted to go to London. The plan died a fiery death when we couldn’t afford the plane tickets. We tried again the following year and were in the heavy planning stage. We looked for hotels and different areas of the U.K…. Read the Rest »

San Diego Comic-Con Almost, Maybe

I am not writing this blog from San Diego where I should be basking in the glow of Comic-Con. I should be but the transportation gods have chosen today to teach me who is boss. Not in a little way either. In a big fat we are going to fuck… Read the Rest »

Molly Crabapple Art Ambassador

Went to the Museum of Modern Art in New York today. It is a really wonderful museum. I love looking at art. I love trying to figure out why something might appeal to someone but have absolutely no tug on my art strings. Walking around becomes a game of guess… Read the Rest »

Death Bus 2010

So we survived the floating tin can. While I completely love the ability to climb into the belly of the massive steely beast on one side of the country and exit on the other, I don’t think I will ever enjoy flying again. It just isn’t natural. My brain starts… Read the Rest »

Musical Geek

Tapping into my yesterday’s blog, there is a growing population that likes to attach the word geek to hobbies or passions. I am certainly no different. I am just amused it has become so acceptable. With that in mind I am about to blow my indie music street cred right… Read the Rest »

Zen And The Art of Not Sneezing or My Maui MRI

Alright so here is the deal. I have been suffering from a headache since June 12th. It has not been constant but it has been there the whole time. Some days have been bad, others not so much. I however made the mistake of looking on the internet to find… Read the Rest »

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