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New York Times Slapping Down the Paywall

They said they were going to do it and they have kept their word. Today, the New York Times slapped a paywall on their site effective March 28th in the United States (Canada gets a head start on the whole paying thing because, hell, whose afraid of Canada complaining). That… Read the Rest »

I Was A Very Dangerous Boy

I know we live in a heightened state when it comes to written comments or pictures directed at anyone which could be considered a threat. I understand to ignore something is a ridiculous thing to do. We have seen far too many tragic events which could have been stopped if… Read the Rest »

Your Hair Is Wrong!

So a 6th grader in Chanelview, Texas (Stephanie Plato) gets a birthday gift of highlights from her mom. She decides to go with some red streaks. She loves them and can’t wait to get to school and show her friends. I am sure my readers can guess what happened next…. Read the Rest »

Westboro Baptist Church F**K Off Already

I really wanted to write something light hearted. Maybe a little comedy of errors. A lovely little tale of some foolish thing I have done in my life. Trust me, I really did. The problem is I ran across an article that made my insides turn into molten lava. I… Read the Rest »

Politicians Who Lie (A Tale of Redundancy)

There are a lot of reasons I hate politics and elections but none greater than the gluttonous amounts of hate which get spread around during this time of the year. It seems no one really wants to run on actual issues. It’s all about slinging mud. Politics are basically the… Read the Rest »

Me for Govenor

What does 140 million dollars buy you these days? Apparently, not the governor’s job in California. Meg Whitman is spending money like she can single handedly solve California’s budget crisis with campaign advertisements and yet somehow finds herself behind in the polls to Jerry Brown. I have no idea what… Read the Rest »

Don’t Feed the Lions

News media cracks me up. This would be okay if they were actually trying to crack me up instead of seriously delivering what they think is news in a manner which makes my side hurt from laughing. Don’t get me wrong I like to laugh. I am constantly listening to… Read the Rest »

The X-Files South Carolina Style

South Carolina is the gift which keeps on giving. I mean I don’t think I have ever had more fun following another state’s election. It has gotten so good it is the first thing I search for any time I have a few extra minutes on the internet. First, Alvin… Read the Rest »

South Carolina Politics is Awesome Sauce

> Election day is so wonderful. Nothing like the constant reminder we really don’t have a choice in our fake democratic society. The Democrats will pick their bozos for us to choose from. The Republicans will run out their bozo candidates and somehow we have to figure out what bozo… Read the Rest »

Geeking Out With My Towel

> I think you ought to know I’m feeling very depressed – Marvin the Paranoid Android. This really sums up my week. It seems like nothing is going right and yet I know it is so much worse for others. Sometimes I get mad at myself for falling into the… Read the Rest »

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