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Turtle Quest!

Yes, the turtle quest continued today. We ventured out into Maui. We looked on every beach. Searched every rock outcropping but the mighty turtle remained elusive. Why must you forsake us oh mighty turtle? We gave up and returned to our condo. Our last full day in Hawaii ending in… Read the Rest »

It’s Just A Flesh Wound!

If you did not read my last blog post. Stop and go read it now. This blog is way more fun if you do. Our Maui adventure continued today and our elusive hunt for the mythical sea turtle continued. Okay, it’s not that mythical but Sheri seems determined to find… Read the Rest »

Maui Nuts!

Yes, this blog is being written from Maui on a balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It’s okay to hate me a little. I won’t hold it against you. We arrived yesterday and have been having a blast. A lovely room and really there is nothing quite like going to sleep… Read the Rest »

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