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The Darwin Elevator by Jason M. Hough

I am swinging into full summer reading mode now. Action packed adventure stories are my friends. The Darwin Elevator has been sitting on my Kindle for some time now. I have so many books to read that it isn’t surprising that gems by authors I don’t know take me awhile… Read the Rest »

The Art of Running….From Zombies!

Later this year I will be participating in a zombie run with some friends. I am pretty stoked about it. I watched some videos and some of the zombies chasing you are horrifying. I will be genuinely trying to keep away from them. Some of my friends are training up… Read the Rest »

Self-Doubt in the Land of Art

There is no going back now. The first book is out there. On one hand it is just a collection of short fun zombie stories I put together. On the other hand I wrote it and my own lingering self-doubt tends to dominate my thought process. I have ventured off… Read the Rest »

A Very Zombie Holiday

It is nice to finally be ticking some of the projects off the list. Keepers is still not done. I haven’t finished the final edit of The Darklands book 2. I am about two weeks later than I wanted to be with finishing up my zombie dad short story collection… Read the Rest »

Keepers Week 10

What a crazy week of writing. Last weekend I went to WonderCon which is code for I didn’t write the whole weekend. This is not a good thing. I have several deadlines barreling in on me. I want to be done with the first draft of Keepers somewhere near the… Read the Rest »

Keepers Week 6

Projects, projects, projects. I have a lot of them going on right now. I finished the conversion to WordPress and am extremely happy about it (well other than I have had a huge drop in readers. I hope they find their way back to the blog. I will miss them)…. Read the Rest »

A Very Zombie Halloween

I decided to write a Halloween story for my wife. This is the best I could do with the scary monsters ringing our doorbell. I wrote it in one sitting and did no editing. I make no claims to greatness but I enjoyed writing it. I hope you enjoy reading… Read the Rest »

A Very Zombie 4th of July

I decided to write a 4th of July story for my wife. This is the best I could do with the pack of wolves barking around me (okay they were dogs but still). I wrote it in one sitting and did no editing. I make no claims to greatness but… Read the Rest »

A Very Zombie Easter

I decided to write an Easter story for my wife (even though we don’t celebrate Easter). This is the best I could do. I wrote it in one sitting (this was the hardest story yet. It took many hours and a few do overs) and did no editing. I make… Read the Rest »

They Might Be Cannibals

Here’s the thing, without beating a dead horse, I have a weight issue. My body has an overwhelming urge to be fat. It has been this way my whole life. The good news is when I am fit and exercising I lose weight easy and maintain a very healthy body… Read the Rest »

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