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The Agony of Defeat

As George Martin likes to say after the NY Giants lose, life is meaningless. I remember as a kid watching The Wide World of Sports and watching the skier wipe out as the announcer talked about the agony of defeat. For sports fans this is so true. Things can be so good at one moment and then a complete disaster in the next. It happens that quick.

Tonight almost all the 49ers did enough to win. 49ers rookie Kyle Williams did not. Single handily costing them the game. Two fumbles ten points and the game is over. Williams will now get to go down in sports lore as the 49ers Bill Buckner. I feel bad for the kid, I really do. It takes a special kind of person to come back from this kind of devastation and I truly hope he can do it. It will be a long off-season for him.

In the meantime, I get to feel crappy just like the rest of the 49ers. Today could have been a glorious redemption for a team which has had a rough decade. Instead, they get to think about what might have been. It is why I love sports. I mean right now I feel terrible but tomorrow I get to bask in the glorious year the 49ers had.

And then it all starts over again. Like an endless loop of pain and passion. Sadly for me, I will get a few months off now. Pro basketball holds little interests for me these days. I will twitter my thumbs until the San Francisco Giants take the field and then it all starts over again. This is good, just not for my stress levels.

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