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The Art of Running….From Zombies!

Later this year I will be participating in a zombie run with some friends. I am pretty stoked about it. I watched some videos and some of the zombies chasing you are horrifying. I will be genuinely trying to keep away from them.

Some of my friends are training up for the zombie run. I, on the other hand, know I can do the distance with my eyes closed. It’s a weird feeling knowing that. I ran a lot in college but except for a brief period back in 2009 have mostly not as an adult.

That has changed this year. I have logged over 560 miles since March. I am running more and longer than any time in my life. It’s a trick too. The original title I thought of for this blog was chronic. That’s because I live with chronic back pain.

At its worst, I am in complete agony and unable to move even an inch without unbearable pain. This happened to me last week and I had to skip three days of running. This is where body awareness and technique come in. I am much better at shutting myself down. I think about every step I take while running.

I am aware that I am one step away from pain. I push myself when I feel good and I slow way down when I am worried my body is ready to rebel. I have done a really good job with this but my recent shutdown has shown me I need to do more. I have talked about Pilates for years and now it is time for me to get serious. I need to get my core strong.

I have run a half marathon in each of the last two months. My plan is to run one a month. I really want to do a marathon but I know without getting my core stronger I stand none chance. I have done really well the last few years of setting goals and meeting them. So I am adding this to the list.

Running really has become an art for me. I work through stories in my head. I think about my body. I work on my technique. I wanted to get healthy and I have done that. My blood pressure is amazing. I have lost 40 pounds. Now I want to finish the job.

In the meantime I will keep working and getting ready for my zombie run. I bought an app called Zombies,Run! It’s fun and can really kick your ass with speed work. I have been consumed a few times but the last time out I escaped all the zombie hoards. I am ready for the zombie apocalypse people!

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