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The Dark Lands Book 2 Week 12

I received another rejection this week and am now going to spend Sunday looking for a few more agents to send the book out too. I am wrapping my head around the fact this book is not going to get published. I still don’t think it is terrible. People read it and liked it.

This does mean that I need to change the way I am going about writing. I knew that this was going to happen. I can’t spend the time writing the third book of the Dark Lands series without a publisher lined up. I am going to write it. I have three reasons to finish it. One, I want those people who took their time to read book one and liked it to get to see how the story ends. Two, I want to be able to say to any future publisher I can finish a series. Three, if the books aren’t published I am going to give them away on the internet. Let people read them and tell me what they liked and didn’t like. See if I can build a tiny bit of an audience.

My plan right now is to write book 3 in the summer (unless by some miracle I sell book 1). I have to do this. I need to write another book that I can send out to publishers. I need my writing to get better and I think I have a great idea for a book. I am going to really go after the next book I write. My plan is to start soon after finishing book 2 and to finish it as soon as I possibly can. This might mean more than a thousand words a day.

I need to keep writing and I need to produce work that I can show people. If I write book 3 I am spending several months on a book I can never try to sell unless book 1 sells. It is not a good use of my time. In the summer I can work on two projects but during the school year I can only focus on school and one book.

Book 2 will be done sometime in the next two weeks. I will then set it aside for a little bit before I edit it. The edit I do on it will be a very rough edit. Just enough to get the obvious mistakes out. This is also about time. Anytime I spend editing is less time I have on possibly writing a book that might sell. I need to think and act like a professional if I am ever going to have a chance to actually be one.

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