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The Dark Lands Book 2 Week 15

It is done, finished, complete with ending. The final totals for this book were over 92,000 words and 501 manuscript pages. A little over 10% larger than the first one. I jokingly posted on my social networks this week that I may suck, but I plan on sucking prolifically.

I am now going to put the book aside for a few weeks (like I did the first one). Then I will go through and do a rough edit. I will attempt to fix obvious errors and plot problems. At this time, that is all I plan on doing. I am only doing that much because I know that I have people waiting to read the second book of the series and I promised them they could.

I will eventually write the third one but it is going to be a few months before that happens. I need to start working on my steampunk book. I want to have another book I can send out. It isn’t that I don’t think my first book wasn’t good. I think it had some great work in it. Ultimately, I always looked at it as a learning project. I only wrote book 2 as fast as I did because I wanted to know if I could.

Now, I need to start thinking about what I learned from writing the last two novels and apply it to the next one. My goal has to be to get better. I will never get published otherwise. I will send book one out a few more places and then it is going to go online. If I get enough interest I will then give book two a complete revise and put it up also.

Over the next couple of weeks I am going to work on some shorter projects. I have a few short story ideas I am going to write and at least one comic script. I will also start doing some research for a mystery novel that I would like to write. In the mean time I am taking this weekend off and going to my niece’s wedding and reading a book. Two novels written in less than 8 months, a weekend off isn’t going to kill me.

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