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The Dark Lands Book 2 Week 4

This was a tough week for writing. Struggled with several plot lines (think that I worked them out) and had a hard time keeping a regular writing schedule because my sleep patterns went all wonky. I did however make my word count for the week despite the sleep deprivation.

Threw a twist into the story that I had been planning for since book one and was pleased at how well it worked. In general I think that book two will surprise people who have read book one because I didn’t take it in exactly the linear path that might have been expected at the end of book one. My enthusiasm for writing the story has not changed at all. This has been the single greatest writing experience of my life.

I have begun to start thinking about what I am going to do if I can’t find a publisher. I am not thinking negatively I just want to have a plan. I of course want to get the books published first and foremost. I have said all along that I am proud of what I have accomplished, published or not. I want the story to be read. I have worked too hard to just put it in a drawer and move on. With that in mind I will probably try two things.

1) I will serialize the book as a podcast. I have always been a good storyteller. I think it will be fun to record myself telling the story and putting it out there. 2) I am going to open a web site for the first book and serialize it through PDF downloads for anyone who wants to read it.

Both those possibilities will not happen until I have given the book time to get published. This means rejections and rewrites. Once I feel like I have given it the chance to succeed through traditional routes, I will try the untraditional. It will give me time to learn how to do podcasts and get a web page designed.

I have also decided on two possible projects to move on with after I am done with the Dark Lands. Both are mysteries, but one is more of an urban paranormal mystery (Like what F. Paul Wilson writes with Repairman Jack). I have no intention of ever giving up writing again. It is too much a part of me and I realize now that a lot of the unhappiness (with myself) I have felt over the last 10 years is that I wasn’t pursuing my bliss. Plus, my sister Shannon told me I have to.

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