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The Dark Lands Book 2 Week 5

I am already growing a little sad at the start of the next school year. It has been so great writing whenever I feel like it. The school year will spell the end of that. It will be back to writing after school. I know that I can do it but I love the freedom of writing at anytime.

Keeping a steady pace. I have worked out several plot points and now feel like I have a pretty straight line to the end of the book. I will be working on both book two and book one over the next couple of weeks. If I feel like book two is getting in the way of finishing my edit of book one then I will put it aside until I am done with book one. I am hoping to not do that because I have a lot of momentum going right now.

I did a little math this week and was amazed that this next week will see me go over 600 pages of typed manuscript. Book two is going to run longer than book one. I figure that when I am done with book two I will have over 900 pages of manuscript. Book three will push me well over 1000 pages. Those are some big numbers for someone who had never finished anything longer than 200 pages previously. Published or unpublished this experience is going to help my writing get better.

At my current pace I should hit the end of book two around the end of September beginning of October. I will then jump into editing. By then I should have book one circulating around to agents. I will have a few more rejections in my back pocket but it won’t stop me from writing all three books. I do think that whatever I write next will be a stand alone novel, just so that I can get it done and move on.

Sunday I will finally get some quality writing time in San Francisco which is something I tried to accomplish a few weeks ago but was stymied by crazy circumstances. Two weeks before school starts. I am going to have to crank it up before the real job starts getting in the way.

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