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The Dark Lands Book 2 Week 9

Writing keeps chugging away. Passed the 60,000 word mark this week. Should be done by the end of September like planned. The story really worked this week. The last few weeks I had felt that the story was not moving at the same pace as the first book had. That was not the case this week. I will have to make sure that when I edit it I check for pace.

Sent out the first book to two more readers. I am trying to slowly let the book out into the wild. As I give it to people now I am trying to put their minds at ease and tell them just read it. If they like it we can talk about it. If they don’t, we’ll talk if they want to. If they don’t I am okay with that also. Really I am just working hard to overcome my fears about my writing skills.

Started looking for an agent in earnest this time. Making lists and checking them twice. I will then send it out to a few agents and wait for a response. I am also going to send it to publishers. Not really holding my breath for any kind of book deal but I want to feel like I gave this book all the chances it needed to be seen. If it isn’t good enough I will just have to get better.

Book two is nearing the final downhill ride to the finish line. I know what the big finish looks like but haven’t decided on all the little ones yet. I am excited to see where my warped brain takes me.

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