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The Dark Lands Week 5

Thirty-five days and counting. I have been adding some interesting places to write this novel. I have written on lunch break, in a car, now in a hotel room, and tomorrow from the Pacific Ocean on a cruise. No days missed and over halfway to my word goal. I’m pretty happy with myself so far. I hope that this momentum continues when it comes to editing.

This week’s story moved along pretty good. Including the character that I had been having trouble with. One character who I had originally planned to kill off pretty early in the story has refused to die. I have set up the death several times and then had a “what if I did this?” thought. Each time I felt that, the thought led to a very interesting story line. I figure the moment I decide this character is going to be a player all the way through, I will suddenly decide to write the death scene.

I like that the story continues to surprise me. This is the least planned out story I have ever written. It makes me laugh that it is about to be the longest and probably the first long novel I have finished. When I started I was just hoping that I could reach the word goal.

At 38,500 words I am 500 words short of the longest story I have ever written. I am about to be in uncharted waters. As of right now my story is longer than these favorites of mine: Among The Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix(32,127), Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick (35442).

This weeks preview from the novel:

“Rex, I am sorry but you worked with the black coats. I can’t take you back to my camp.”

“Look I know stuff. Stuff that you can use. I’ll trade it to you.”

“Like what?” asked Josh.

“If I tell you then I have nothing to trade.”

“If you don’t tell us something, we’re leaving,” said Josh.
Rex stared at the two boys. The silence stretched out and Josh watched Bolo turn and start to walk away.

“The shadow men have a way to mark things. They mark supplies that they leave lying out for people to find. It’s some sort of magical ink. It seeps in and then they can track it. “

The boys knew that this was not good news. It meant that almost every camp had items that could be tracked. Bolo stepped forward and put his knife up to Rex’s throat.

“That wasn’t a real smart trade for you Rex. It means they can track you also,” said Bolo.

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