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The Dark Lands Week 7

This was a fun week. I went past 54,000 words and think that I am about 20,000 words from the finish. I know how each character’s story is going to end in the book. Even better, I know where the story is going to go in the next book.

I have decided that when I am done with this book I am going to dive right into the next book after a short break. I want to keep my 1,000 page a day momentum going. I am not sure how much of a break I am going to give it. I think a few weeks and then I will start up.

I will use those weeks to go through and do my first rough edit of the novel. My plan, as of right now, is to attack the obvious errors. Once I do a quick run through I am going to pull the book apart.

I wrote the book in chapters. Each chapter is divided up into 4 sub-chapters that followed a specific character. My plan as of right now is to pull each of those characters out of their chapters and compile a mini character book.

This will let me read the individual characters stories from beginning to end. I can check the continuity of the story-line and hammer out any missed details or timelines. I will then put the book back together in chapters. I hope this will allow me to make sure that the book is flowing from one chapter to the next.

Forty-nine days down and twenty-one to go.

This week’s preview from the novel:

The raver launched itself at Tiffany again. Charging at her in a snapping frenzy. Tiffany stood there and waited. It jumped and Tiffany let go of the magic. Felt it rush from her body and slam into the oncoming raver.

The raver was hit by the wall of magic and thrown backwards in a majestic arch. High into the air spinning end over end. It made no noise as it plummeted back to the ground. Slamming hard the raver laid broken and unmoving.

Tiffany turned back to Fizzle and saw that he was hitting the other raver over the head with a rock. The raver struggled to get back to it’s feet but finally collapsed at Fizzle’s feet. Fizzle hit it one last time and then dropped the rock.

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