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The Horsemen Are Coming


I wonder if Nostradamus was a manic depressive. How bad did he feel walking around everyday spouting his prophecies of the world’s impending doom with no one actually paying attention. It must have been enough to drive him completely nuts (now I hear you scoffing but my boy Nostro had the goods. He wasn’t crazy, he was misunderstood).

Now I have been trying to send out the early warning system these last few months. The signs are everywhere but I am starting to feel like people are not taking me serious. What do I have to do, stand on a street corner with a sign saying the end is near? It is getting scary out there people. The conspiracy to end the world is well under way.

Don’t believe me. How about the latest attempt at killing and maiming in New York (also known as “killing in the name of crazy ass misinterpretations of your own damn holy book”). I am not as concerned about the bombing. New York shall remain ever safe under the vigilant eyes of their street vendors. No what really set off my bat signal was all the so called newspeople out there who started sending out reports about how he did it wrong. Some of them were actually handing out pointers. Pointers on how to kill people on the national news. That shit ain’t right.

How about the pod person who has replaced John McCain? How come that isn’t freaking the hell out of people? You remember John McCain don’t you? The Maverick, the man of his word, the Vietnam Vet who was held as a prisoner of war and tortured. The man who once said religious extremism including Christian extremism was tearing the world apart. Well, he is gone. Replaced by an alien to begin the quick descent into anarchy. The latest stunt was to actually suggest Joe Terrorist (otherwise known as the the latest addition to the world’s stupidest terrorist club) didn’t deserve to have his Miranda right’s read to him. Even though he was an American citizen caught on American soil he had no rights. How are people not seeing the obvious pod switch here?

Speaking of caught. Explain to me again why I take my shoes off at the airport. “Stupid terrorist man” waltzed right onto a plane to Pakistan despite the fact he was on the no-fly list and was being actively pursued at the time. I think the airlines are in on the conspiracy. I am now more convinced then ever all the stupid rules are so we have to buy things from inside the airport terminals at 1000% above their normal price.

If all of this wasn’t bad enough I almost swallowed my tongue on this last one. Glenn Beck was on Fox News yesterday actually making sense. Not only making sense but 100% right. He got into it with several of Fox’s reporters over the fact “stupid terrorist man” had to be read his Miranda rights. He pointed out being a terrorist does not mean we tear up the constitution. My system barely had time to recover from that shock when I turned on the The Daily Show and had to watch Jon Stewart admit Glenn Beck was right and he completely agreed with him. Beck and Stewart on the same page? If that isn’t a sign of the coming 2012 apocalypse I don’t know what is. The horsemen are coming baby, get out your survival gear. It’s going to get medieval out there.

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  1. Big-UpsTo#15 says:

    >I saw this link on huffington post and thought to myself "wow, it looks like someone is finally realizing what John McCain's position on the matter is." But alas, I was wrong. It is sad to see to see that many people are still stuck in the 20th century. I understand the rights the constitution provides to everyone. But if you will for just a moment, open your eyes and realize that what McCain is doing, is proposing new laws must be created regarding terrorists. They do not deserve all of the due process rights, for the simple fact that they are enemy combatants of the state. It is obvious our government does not see them as mere criminals as seen by the way they overreach their police powers. So change is definitely needed because regarding the current treatment of detainees, this simply amounts to a refusal to follow existing law or create new law that is more responsive to our new situation.And I'll even provide you the best argument I've heard for why terrorists should be considered criminals…The Mafia has many of the hallmarks of terrorist groups: it is well organized, predatory, secretive, and disruptive of the social order. Despite the human devastation, nobody supposes that loose talk about a “war on crime” should deprive accused Mafiosi of their fundamental rights under the Constitution.There is a huge hole in this argument which is, the Mafia is not making a declaration of war against the U.S. and most importantly the Mafia is not telling every Mafiosi that every citizen is not only fair game but liable for "wrongs" done to them. For the most part Mafiosi care if Police Officers are around when they are about to commit a crime whereas terrorists could care less about being caught as long as they fulfill their duty. Even the head of the Mafia will appear in court if summoned, but we still can’t find Bin Laden with a $25 million bounty on his head. Bin Laden is using religion and high politics to drive his cause, while the Mafia desires only to run black markets and other illegal ventures. And you can apply this to any other criminal act you can think of; anti-abortion extremists, drug lords, robbers etc. No matter how you want to look at this, these terrorists are not mere criminals. Their only objective is to maximize destruction and terror.

  2. >Quite simply, Big-Ups, if you throw out the Constitution – the terrorists win.America was founded on a set of rather noble ideals…yes, your Constitution is far from perfect…however it was pretty revolutionary and the rights enshrined in it are as worthy of protection now as they were when your nation's founders enacted them. If you say that these rights are not important in certain circumstances…you are saying you are able to terrify me into not taking a stand…and not holding onto my ideals…you allow the terrorists to define who you are.Granted, the US Constitution is far from perfect…as are most Constitutions but it is a solid model and to allow religious fundamentalist whackos to erode the foundations of your country is to hand them a bigger victory than they could have dreamed of prior to 9/11.

  3. Big-UpsTo#15 says:

    >Trisha, based on your response I'm not too sure if you know that creating new laws/statutes does not necessarily mean we have to throw out a part of the constitution. But if you do understand that, then please tell me where I said we should throw out the constitution.And you still have not addressed the issue that these terrorists are not mere criminals but enemies of the state. Our current criminal law procedure is fundamentally inadequate to deal with our historically unique situation.Contrary to popular belief, I think the founding fathers would be all for changing the constitution or least making a new Act regarding terrorist suspects. I'm pretty sure when they wrote it never in their wildest dreams did they imagine air planes, nuclear bombs and other wmd's As technology evolves so must our constitution.“I am not an advocate for frequent changes in laws and constitutions, but laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind. As that becomes more developed, more enlightened, as new discoveries are made, new truths discovered and manners and opinions change, with the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also to keep pace with the times. We might as well require a man to wear still the coat which fitted him when a boy as civilized society to remain ever under the regimen of their barbarous ancestors.”-Thomas Jefferson

  4. Lydia says:

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  5. >Great post!!!But ultimately scary that Beck was right? Has he seen the light or a bump on his head?

  6. >Big-Ups, You might not have expressly used the phrase "toss out the Constitution" but you are arguing in favor of depriving of terrorists of the rights enshrined in the 5th amendment… a clause that begins with the words…no person. I agree, if the current criminal procedural laws are inadequate in the modern era…they should be amended…however, if you are arguing that the terrorists should be tried as "enemy combatants" you need to be giving the (arguably greater) protection of the Geneva Conventions on the rights of prisoners of war…also you are risking conferring legitimacy on the terrorists…you are elevating them above the status of common criminals. Some wanted criminals escape…and some take longer to get caught…but don't degrade those in the armed forces by including terrorists in their ranks. I think this article makes a compelling argument about not calling terrorists enemy combatants.

  7. Anonymous says:

    >Imagine if the BP oil rig disaster and well blowout were the work of a group of terrorists, right-wingers would be screaming for them to have absolutely no rights if they were caught. Considering the devastation the oil disaster will have on the Gulf marine life and shore ecology, not to mention the loss of jobs all along the coast, the loss of tourism money, the probable bad health effects from the air and water pollution that will be inevitable – it seems to me it's worse than any act of terrorism yet perpetrated. So, what are the chances the BP execs, and everyone else involved in helping the disaster occur, will be treated as the true terrorists they are? (I think we need to switch the label of "eco-terorist" from people actually trying to stop environmental disasters to those who actually make them happen.)

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