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The New DC Universe: Week 11 Reviews

You know a project is nearing the end when you actively look forward to not having to do it anymore. These last few weeks I have been sort of dreading writing the reviews. Not because I don’t want to share my opinions but because it is really hard to get everything done in a short period of time. I don’t want this to become about the reviews. It takes away from the enjoyment of reading the comics. There are only two weeks left and a lot of books are going to get purged but this is one of my favorite weeks because it has several of my favorite books. (Here are the previous weeks reviews).

Batman #3


This book was already good but I have to admit it has gotten better every week. I loved this issue. Everything about it was fantastic. The story is very engrossing, the writing is crisp, and the art is superb. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite runs of Batman ever. If you are not reading this book you should be. It is Batman at his finest. He is a true detective and the back story that is slowly filling in is intriguing (including the fact it might connect to another of the new 52). I hope this creative team stays on the book for a long time because I can’t wait to see what they do next. 10 out of 10.

Birds of Prey #3


This was probably my favorite issue of the series so far but still not cutting it. I think I am really blinded by the fact of how great BIrds of Prey was before the reboot and for me this is not coming close. I have friends who like this comic but I find the art barely passable. The story is fairly average and the new team seems a little ridiculous. As much as I wanted to like it (I even gave it one more issue. I had planned to cut it after 2) I am unexcited by this book. 7 out of 10.

Captain Atom #3


This book has moments of absolute brilliance. Sadly, it also has moments where it hits like a thud. A tiny bit too inconsistent for my liking. I love that it dealt with some real world problems but it opened a door I am not sure they can successfully close.  After all, if you are one of the most powerful creatures on the planet what is stopping you from ending a war? Most of the time superhero books try to ignore the whole real world problems for this very reason. Captain Atom went after it a little, which intrigued me, but then didn’t really finish telling the story. I will probably give this comic one more issue just to see if it goes anywhere with it. 7.5 out of 10.

Catwoman #3

Written by JUDD WINICK; Art and cover by GUILLEM MARCH

Ah, there you are Catwoman. I was wondering where you were hiding. Easily the best issue of the series. The story was well written and for the first time I felt like I understood what Catwoman was going to be about. Lots of great action and a super ending. For me this really should have been the first issue. The other two almost seemed to be screaming, “look at me! look at me!” Only not for the right reasons. This book on the other hand set up who Catwoman was and might be. The scene with Batman was far better done than the shock value one at the end of issue one. 8 out of 10.

DC Universe Presents #3


While I feel that both of the last few issues were better than the first one I am still left wanting more. The story just isn’t that interesting. The writing is not capturing my imagination. Deadman is a tricky character to write. You can do a lot with him but sometimes the freedom leads to people getting carried away. This story is starting to feel like that. It bounces all over the place with no real focus. This will be my last issue until a new creative team comes on and a new story starts. 7 out of 10.

Justice League #3

Written by GEOFF JOHNS; Art and cover by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS

Another book which keeps getting better and better. I enjoyed the story here a lot. I was also right that the introduction of Wonder Woman would make everything seem more lovely. I was given an even greater gift with the ending. I can honestly say I am probably now looking forward to issue 4 more than I had looked forward to issue one. I can also say the art is growing on me a lot. I have not always been a big fan of Lee but it really seems to fit here. This issue is what I think Justice League should be about. I am happy that both Justice League books look like they are keepers. 9.5 out of 10.

Legion of Super-Heroes #3


I liked this issue better than the last one but I am starting to think this book is getting a big boost because of my love for this team. I am going to have to find somebody who has never read Legion before and give them these three issues. I can’t imagine they would have any idea what is going on. Issue three still feels like it is setting up the series and the storyline. There are so many characters and the plotting is so dense that I think this book would lose anyone who isn’t a Legion fan already. To top it off it isn’t one of the better Legion stories. I still like the writing and art though. 8 out of 10.

Nightwing #3

Written by KYLE HIGGINS; Art and cover by EDDY BARROWS and JP MAYER

I understand what this book is trying to do. It is trying to be a little deeper and a little darker. Mostly it is coming off as Batman light. This is really disappointing because Nightwing deserves better. Especially after years of people clamoring for his return. I want to be excited about this comic but truthfully it is leaving me cold and a tiny bit bored. The art is okay but it isn’t enough to overcome my complete lack of interest in this story. Plus, they are adding Batgirl to the next issue. It is starting to look like Batgirl is DC’s answer for any comic not quite living up to its expectations. 7 out of 10.

Supergirl #3


I wasn’t as happy with the last issue (in particular with the art) but this one returns it back to one of my early surprise books. I didn’t expect to like it but I do. This story deepens the mystery of who Supergirl is and leaves her in a bit of a bind. I don’t really know what the numbers are on this book as far as issues sold but I hope they are good. Strong female characters are few and far between in the new DC universe and this is one where I want to see where they are going to take her. 8 out of 10.

Wonder Woman #3

Written by BRIAN AZZARELLO; Art and cover by CLIFF CHIANG
Not quite as good as the previous two issues but still really good. This book has easily been the best and most consistent of the new 52. The whole reboot was worth it just to get this run of Wonder Woman. Its sad really that NBC botched the new TV series because Wonder Woman could be on top of the comic world right now. I can’t even imagine how many new fans to comics we would be getting if there was a TV series and then some of the viewers turned to this comic and were given such quality. DC must want to kick a few TV executives in the head. With the origin story of Wonder Woman complete I look forward to seeing Wonder Woman’s next step. There is part of me that hopes they never introduce a typical DC bad guy to this book. Keep it firmly planted right where it is. 9.5 out of 10.

—-DC Power Rankings
1) Wonder Woman – Not leaving this top spot anytime soon I imagine. This is turning into my favorite run of Wonder Woman ever.

2) Animal Man – Staying strong but not quite ready to bump Wonder Woman out of the top spot.

3) Batman – Jumps up a few spots. Snyder is handling Batman as good as anyone before him.

4) Justice League Dark –

5) Swamp Thing – I was a tiny bit worried after the first issue but this book is just getting better and better. Another large jump.

6) Red Lanterns – Trying to do something I have never seen in a mainstream DC book. Explore hatred and pain. May end up being the only Lantern book I keep buying.

7) Aquaman –

8 ) Action Comics – I liked this issue better than number two. Grant Morrison continues to make Superman interesting to me. A major feat considering how uninterested I was.

9) Batwoman – Staying a very strong comic. It has also had the most consistent artwork in the new DC universe.

10) I, Vampire –

11) Justice League – This comic has been steadily climbing up the ranks since the first issue. I expect it will be in the top ten before long.

12) Grifter – Had it’s first drop in ratings this week. Hopefully this is not a trend.

13) Batgirl – The appearance of Nightwing worked well. Batgirl’s journey is going to be a hard one. No change in rankings this week.

14) All Star Western –

15) Stormwatch – Continues to tumble-down. It needs to stay in the top twenty for me to keep reading it. Not sure it is going to make it.

16) Superboy – A slight bump up. Right now the best book with super in the title.

17) Teen Titans –

18) Batwing – Jumps another ten spots up and climbs into the top twenty. Not sure how many more than twenty I am keeping but amazingly this book looks like it may make the cut now.

19) Supergirl – This book has been pretty steady. I was planning on only keeping 20 comics but if it somehow falls out of the top 20 I am still keeping it.

20) Legion of Super-Heroes – Jumps back into the top 20 but I am a complete sucker for Legion. Like Supergirl safe for another issue.

21) Superman –

22) Resurrection Man – No change in placement but very close to the line in the sand I will be drawing. Right on the bubble of being cut.

23) Frankenstien, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. – This book is in the land of books which could be cut but it has caught my interest. Will last another month.

24) Deathstroke – This book has sunk straight down. If I were a betting man it is not going to survive my next cut.

25) Green Lantern – I might end up buying the next book just to see where it goes but otherwise this book was probably heading to cutsville.

26) Men of War –

27) Flash –

28) Catwoman – I hate to say it but I am probably going to give this book one more issue. Issue 3 was a step in the right direction.

29) Men of War – Another book which can’t stop its tumble downward. A great first issue but I won’t be reading it much longer.

30) Detective Comics – Not sure how much longer I will keep buying this book. There are other Batman family books that are far more enjoyable.

31) Captain Atom – This book is intriguing. I like what it is trying to do but I am not sure it is enough to save it for me.

32) Demon Knights –

33) Nightwing – I never dreamed this would be a book which would be an easy drop but it is. It will not survive the next round of cuts.

34) The Savage Hawkman-

35) Batman: The Dark Knight –

36) Justice League International – Eliminated

37) Suicide Squad –Really bad issue dooms it to be cut. I will try again if they pick up interesting creators.

38) Green Lantern Corps – Eliminated

39) Green Lantern: New Guardians – Eliminated

40) Blue Beetle – Eliminated

41) Green Arrow – This book is now dropped until a new creative team comes on. I am very disappointed.

41) Legion Lost- Eliminated

42) Batman & Robin – Eliminated

43) DC Universe Presents – This book will be back on my buy list when Deadman and this creative team leave. Until then it is gone.

44) Mister Terrific – Eliminated

45) O.M.A.C. – Eliminated

46) ) Birds of Prey – Actually moved up a blip but it is not enough. This book is gone off my pull list.

47) Voodoo –

48) Blackhawks – Eliminated

49) The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men –  Eliminated

50) Hawk & Dove – Eliminated

51) Red Hood and the Outlaws – Eliminated

52) Static Shock – Eliminated

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