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The New DC Universe: Week 8 Reviews

This is it people. The end of week two and the point I start deciding which comics will get dropped from my DC survivor island. I still haven’t decided how many will go but I am leaning towards ten in the first cut. It will really come down to how many books can I simply not stand at all. There are definitely a bunch which are leaning in that direction. It has been a little bit of a rocky ride but I am guessing over the next few months will get to see how much of a success this really was for DC. I have to believe the numbers for quite a few books will start dropping with the third issue (Here are the previous weeks reviews).

All Star Western #2


This issue had two stories which left me a little disappointed. I was not as big a fan of the El Diablo story and couldn’t help but think it had shorted me on the Jonah Hex story. I also thought the art was off a little in this issue. The book was still good and I am interested to see where they go but the El Diablo story better pick up or I am not  sure this book is worth it. The Hex story is what will keep me coming back but just barely. I am not sure the whole two stories in a comic thing is working. Both the books that are doing it, suffered from it.  8 out of 10.

Aquaman #2

Written by GEOFF JOHNS; Art and cover by IVAN REIS and JOE PRADO

This issue wasn’t quite as good as the first was. It was missing a lot of the humor of the first book. I know it can’t be hilarious every issue but the humor was what made me give it a 9 the first time. I still really liked it. The art is wonderful and the nasty creatures in this book are the best villains introduced in any of the new comics yet. This continues to be a big surprise of a book for me. If nothing else comes out of the reboot DC made Aquaman relevant again. Slight drop off but not enough to drop it from my last month number.  9 out of 10.

Batman: The Dark Knight #2


I am still not sure why this book is out there. Both Batman and Detective do it better. It seems like it was just a way to sell some more bat books. It isn’t terrible but it is clearly not as good as the other two. Add in the fact I am not a big fan of the way a lot of the bad guys are drawn in this book and you have a decidedly big, “whatever” from me. I guess if you just can’t get enough of the bat, keep buying. But this book might end up a drop for me if it doesn’t get better. 7 out of 10.

Blackhawks #2


I am not sure this book was worse than the first issue but I know I was less interested. I wish they had gone ahead and set this book during World War II then at least it would have been worth reading. Oh wait, they can’t do anything that far back anymore. I have zero interest in what is going on in this story. I feel no connection to the art, characters, and story. For me it would be better to go back and read some classic G.I. Joe issues. This is the effect it is trying to emulate. So far it is not catching my attention. 6 out of 10.

The Flash #2


Something is just not quite hitting it with this book. I am not digging the main story much but I kind of like the slow introduction to Flash and his powers. Some pages I hate the art and then there will be a page which makes me go “cool”. One of the problems I am having is the Flash in Justice League seemed so much more interesting. The pacing is all over the place and I am not sure it knows what kind of book it wants to be yet. Ultimately, this isn’t a terrible book but it is a disappointment. I love the Flash but I do not love this book. 7.5 out of 10.

The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #2


This book has a big problem with me. The origin story sucks. It is ridiculous and implausible even for a comic. So every page I read I can’t get that out of my head. This issue was slightly better than the first but again the banter is way off between the two leads. The book only really shines when Firestorms are on the page and they are not on the page enough. It still isn’t hitting the perfect pitch for the teen vibe they are trying to give off. It makes the book feel stiff and clumsy. I want to like this book but I don’t. 6.5 out of 10.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #2


I liked this book slightly better than the first one. I am actually a little confused at some of the background story which means in a way this book failed at one of its goals, to bring in new readers who know nothing about your universe. The mystery the book is setting up could actually turn into something interesting but so far it is not selling me on needing to buy another Green Lantern book. I am not exactly sure when they decided they needed as many Green Lantern books as Batman books but they might want to rethink the decision. Most of the books feel like they are watering down the main product (with the exception of Red Lanterns). 7 out of  10.

I, Vampire #2


First let me say I have no idea how they are going to make this book work in the DC universe. They have made no attempt to do so yet. This is part of the big mystery which is really attracting me to this book. I loved this second issue. Thought it was even better than the first and made the story take a big jump forward. I get the story and the characters. Now where the hell are they going to go with it. I can’t wait to find out. In the meantime, if they keep putting dark and moody stories like this one I will be all in. 9 out of 10.

Justice League Dark #2


Still don’t like the title of this book but luckily it has not affected how I feel about the story. I am still enjoying it. There is however one notable exception. The Deadman part of the story was not really to my liking. It seemed a little silly and contrived. It’s kind of bumming me out, no one seems to be able to get Deadman right. The rest of the comic was still good and amazingly I am still not bothered by John Constantine being part of the main DC books. 9 out of 10.

The Savage Hawkman #2

Written by TONY S. DANIEL; Art and cover by PHILIP TAN

A tale of two books. The first half of this comic I liked. A lot of fighting, pretty good art, and a whole bunch of Hawkman. The second half of this book was almost no Hawkman and the art went way downhill fast. It was really kind of weird. For the most part this is just another of the DC reboots which lacks any sort of internal consistency. It is making me start to wonder if they should have gone bi-monthly with some of these books. Either that or go get some more really good artists and let them alternate. Close to getting better, but not quite there. 7 out of 10.

Superman #2

Written by GEORGE PÈREZ; Breakdowns and cover by GEORGE PÈREZ; Art by JESUS MERINO

The first issue didn’t really grab me because it felt kind of dated.  I am not sure how into the whole “I love Lois” story I am going to be. Luckily, the second issue mostly stayed away from that and gave us some good story and a nice battle. I liked this issue more than the first. Plus, I appreciated the art was still really good. Not something which can be said about the other books this month. I am on board for the next issue and hope it continues to grab my attention. 8 out of 10.

Teen Titans #2

Written by SCOTT LOBDELL; Art and cover by BRETT BOOTH and NORM RAPMUND

I still cannot understand how the writer of Red Hood (one of the books I have disliked the most) is the writer of this comic. It is so much better than Red Hood. I have always had a soft spot for the Teen Titans and I am happy this book is way better than I expected it would be. The gradual introduction of the heroes is helped greatly by Red Robin (who I think has turned out to be the best of the Robin’s in the Batman universe). The art has been good over both issues and the humor has been much appreciated. 8 out of 10.

Voodoo #2

Written by RON MARZ; Art and cover by SAMI BASRI

Well color me surprised. I disliked the first issue of this series a lot. This was not the case at all in this issue. Once they decided to get rid of the silly boy fantasy cheesecake there was actually a story in here (there is some nudity but I didn’t feel it was over the top). Not only was there a story but I have to admit I liked the art in this book. I am still not completely sold but it was much better than the first issue. Not only did I find myself wondering what was going to happen next, but I also really liked the character of Voodoo. Now I’ll just have to wait and see if the improvement continues into the next issue. 7.5 out of 10.


DC Power Rankings

1) Wonder Woman – For me this has easily been the best book of the reboot. It has washed away a lot of crappy story lines and started fresh. Now if we could just get the movie made.

2) Animal Man – A slight drop off but nothing which has me worried. Still can’t wait to see where it goes.

3) Justice League Dark – Still a very strong book. Wish the Deadman story would have been stronger.

4) Red Lanterns – This one moved up a few spots for me. It has been consistent and enjoyable.

5) Batman – This story continues to be a strong one. It is also easily the best of the Batman family books.

6) Aquaman – Hops over Action Comics and still remains my biggest surprise of the relaunch.

7) Action Comics – Dropped a few spots in the power rankings. Didn’t like this issue as much. Might drop some more as other second issues come out.

8 ) Batwoman – No change in Batwoman’s ranking this week. The art alone makes this book worth buying.

9) Swamp Thing – The big mover of the week. Issue two really got the story rolling and left me wanting more.

10) I, Vampire – Jumps into the top ten. A good book got slightly better. I am still worried about how this book will look when the DC universe enters the story but I have hope it can pull it off.

11) Stormwatch – Took a little bit of a tumble. I have a feeling as other issues come out it will tumble out of the top ten. Still a good book.

12) Grifter – Grifter stayed a strong book for me and jumped up a little in the rankings.

13) Batgirl – A jump up in the rankings. I have a feeling it won’t be the last jump it makes. Much stronger second book.

14) All Star Western – A slight drop that leaves me a little worried. I am not happy with the 2nd story. Let’s hope it improves.

15) Justice League – The big mover this week. This was more of what I expected issue one to be. I actually predict the introduction of Wonder Woman will keep it rising.

16) Teen Titans – Still a solid superhero book. I have enjoyed reading it and I am intrigued at who else will be part of the team.

17) Supergirl – The art is really hurting this book for me. The story is much better than the ranking. I hope the art improves.

18) Superman – Jumps into the top 20. Even more importantly I think the story and art were really solid in the 2nd issue.

19) Legion of Super-Heroes – This book is a mystery to me. Not bringing anything new to the table and way too complicated for new readers.

20) Superboy – One of a slew of books which had a slight drop off from the first issue.

21) Resurrection Man – I was a little sad this book had a dip. I liked the first issue a lot.

22) Deathstroke – If I was going to take a wild guess this won’t be the last drop for this book. Feels like a one trick pony and they used the trick already.

23) Green Lantern – Another book that wouldn’t surprise me if it continued to drop. Also not really sure how they thought this story would bring in new fans.

24) Men of War – Dropped out of the really good to above average. I worry this might not be the end of the tumble-down. Good start, hopefully it will pick back up.

25) Flash – No movement here. This book continues to leave me wanting more. One of my favorite characters but not one great moment over two issues.

26) Frankenstien, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. – Climbed this week because of the story. Still don’t like the art.

27) Batwing – A big improvement over the first issue. I hope it continues.

28) Detective Comics – A slight improvement but for reasons I don’t quite get this book isn’t connecting with me.

29) Captain Atom – The story needs to get moving. Being a different kind of superhero book will only take you so far.

30) Catwoman – This book has no identity to me. I have not really seen anything which tells me where they are going with Catwoman. The last few pages were a hint but nothing more.

31) Demon Knights – This book perplexes me. Have no idea what audience they are shooting for.

32) Suicide Squad – An improvement over the first issue. They should stick with the funny. It works in this book.

33) Nightwing – This book has not been what I hoped it would be. Fairly average superhero story.

34) The Savage Hawkman– This book is all over the place. It feels like two completely different creator teams are running it.

35) Batman: The Dark Knight – This book isn’t terrible but it is unneccessary. Plus, Two-Face is a joke and it looks like the Joker won’t be far behind.

36) Justice League International – This book has been done before and better.

37) Green Lantern Corps – A slight bump up. This book would be better without the earth Green Lanterns.

38) Green Lantern: New Guardians – A slight improvement but I am not sure it is enough to save it from getting thrown off my DC island.

39) Blue Beetle – Another slight bump up, the story was much better. Still not a fan of the art.

40) Green Arrow – This book just disappoints the heck out of me. Hopefully, the writing change ahead will pump some life into it.

41) Legion Lost– I dislike this book on many fronts. Still hoping they cancel it and give Legion back their lost heroes.

42) Batman & Robin – Is it too late to vote Damien out of the new DC Universe. Seriously, annoying.

43) DC Universe Presents – The end of this book gave me a little hope. I was thinking about dropping it until they switched the story.

44) Mister Terrific – This book took a step back. It’s a step which will leave it off my pull list when I start eliminating books.

45) O.M.A.C. – Not a good book. I hope it drops even lower in coming weeks (do you hear me Birds of Prey & Firestorm).

46) Voodoo – Wow, what a difference a month made. A pretty good 2nd issue might have saved it for me. Last month I was sure this book was getting tossed out of my pull list.

47) Blackhawks – This book is doomed for me. I don’t care about it even a little bit.

48) The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men –  I am torn on this book because some of the Firestorm stuff has been interesting. Everything hasn’t been. Probably going to get tossed.

49) Birds of Prey – This book is making me sad. I have not enjoyed one bit of it. My biggest disappointment (other than Starfire).

50) Hawk & Dove – Made me laugh this week. It wasn’t trying to. I am now hoping DC kills this book and lets them rejoin Teen Titans.

51) Red Hood and the Outlaws – This book was better this issue but only because they hid the overt boy fantasies better. I expect it will drop right back down.

52) Static Shock – Story was better but for me this book is just not cutting it. Although, I could see it jumping ahead of a few books above it next month.

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