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The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

I usually read Neil Gaiman novels right when they come out but for some reason this time I waited. I wanted to save it for a time that I knew I could use a little boost. A little word magic and imagination endorphins. I don’t know why this was the week but it was. All I can say is that Neil Gaiman has never failed me and this time was no exception.

I love the way Neil Gaiman writes. He puts together sentences that are just beautiful. His words just stick with me. I find myself thinking about his stories all day long. He is one of the few writers who I often reread paragraphs immediately after experiencing them the first time. It’s like reading music. The words have a rhythm and flow that just washes over your brain.

This book was equally sweet and creepy. At its heart it is a story of love and redemption. It is a dark fairy tale that spills out over the landscape of two families. A fairy tale with some really nasty creatures. I am always astounded how I can be reading a really loving sweet interaction between two characters only to have a horror spring up out of the landscape to swallow the scene whole.

This may be my favorite Neil Gaiman novel since Neverwhere. The story blows through your imagination and leaves you in a state of wonderment. I loved how it didn’t feel the need to answer all the questions. When you finish up that last page your brain will immediately start filling in the dark squishy parts. A true gift. A book that allows you to keep replaying it and digesting it. Poking at it and coming up with new ways to admire it.

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