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The Running Man Strikes Again

Now anyone who knows me is not going to be shocked by this next statement. I am not entirely sure that I am right in the head. I know, you are probably saying, “Christopher, this is simply not news to us.” Okay, no one is probably saying that but you should be. Want the proof. I signed up to run the New York Marathon again.

Every time I run a marathon I promise it is going to be the last one. They are grueling to train for and hard to run. Half-marathons are definitely more my speed. Now if you are not convinced yet about my mixed up head let me throw in the clincher. I have not run at all since November. I have barely run since August. I had surgery six weeks ago and the recovery has not been going as smoothly as I wanted. So, of course, I signed up to run a marathon in November.

I did it for a number of reasons. The first is that I like to motivate myself through challenges. To push myself through the hardship of recovery with a clear goal in mind. Running another half-marathon is not a big enough goal. I have no doubt in my mind that once I start running regularly I can get back up to that distance. The second reason is that the New York Marathon is my favorite race. I love New York. Running New York is truly a joy. As much as the training will be hard, the run itself will be beautiful (well except for all the pain in my feet, but whatever).

The most important reason is that The Boston Children’s Hospital has asked me to run for their charity team again. Running the New York Marathon for them last time was one of the most gratifying things I have ever done. Helping children is what my life is built around. So if I am going to crush my body training (and recovering from surgery) it might as well be for something I truly care about.

So there you have it. I am slightly off….but in a good way. If you want to encourage this strangeness then I would be forever in your debt if you could contribute even a dollar to my fund raising efforts. If you can’t, no worries. I could also use a lot of mental support to help me grind through the training these next 8 months. It’s a long road back but the running man will strike again. Plus, I have to collect more medals than Kyle Cassidy. I think this is a rule written in stone somewhere.

Here is the link to my Boston Children’s Hospital fundraising page.

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