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The Zoë Keating Experience



I will admit to having gone to some strange places in my life to see music but today was definitely one of the most surreal (that was what Zoë called it and I am going with it).

The San Francisco Airport sponsors a music in the airport program called “You Are Hear”. Today my wife and I traveled out to the airport to watch Zoë Keating perform.

I can’t tell you how happy I am that we went. We have seen Zoë perform several times and each time has always been a treat. This experience was so unique it is hard to describe. There have been crowds all day and it has been a joy to watch their faces as they exit the elevator or climb off the escalator. The look of wonderment that quickly turns to joy as they listen.

It was great to be in such an intimate setting because it allowed me to really watch how she loops her music live. I have always been impressed by how much music she can produce but this really hammered it home. Her ear is marvelous and it helps to produce a symphony of sound.

The best part of the day was watching her fans. You know that they are really big fans to march themselves out to the airport and sit on a floor to listen to her play (Yes, I am aware that I drove down from Red Bluff and sat on a floor to watch her play).

There were people with their eyes closed swaying like the wind as music flowed over them. Others sat enamored like they were watching a movie with the greatest cliffhanger of all time, leaning forward in anticipation while Zoë delivered chords of magic. There were people writing in journals and drawing on art pads as art once again inspired art.

Then there was me. I mostly watched. Watched Zoë. Watched the audience. Watched people who had no idea what they had walked into. I did write a tiny bit. I had written most of book one of The Dark Lands with Zoë’s music playing in the background. I couldn’t resist writing just a little of book two while actually listening to the music live. I didn’t plan to write for very long because I was having way too much fun and writing takes me into my world. Today I wanted to be part of Zoë’s (I stopped even earlier than I planned because I noticed that my sneaky wife was reading over my shoulder. She has been itching to find out what happens in book two. She will just have to wait until I am done).

There are few guarantees in life but I am going to give you one for free. If you have a chance to see Zoë Keating perform live, I guarantee that you will love it. The Zoë Keating experience (airport style) is the best way I can think of to finish off my summer.

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