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There Might Be Kittens

I thought about writing about the terrible things going on in Libya. It momentarily crossed my mind to talk about the lunacy that’s going on in Wisconsin with their teacher hating union busting governor. The craziness of the Middle East occupies my brain daily. The sadness I feel for the people of New Zealand caught in the clench of mother nature.

The thing is the news is always depressing these days and, yes, sometimes I like to write about it but not today. Today, we shall deal with one of my favorite subjects, kittens. Our two little darlings are quickly approaching their first birthday. I am amazed how quickly time goes sometimes. It seems like just yesterday Troubadour was struggling with his health and we thought he might not make it. Instead we lost his kitten mate Whisper who had seemed perfectly healthy.

Now Troubadour is a monster. The kitten keeps getting larger and larger. He hasn’t passed over into the fat stage but he is big. He also likes to spread himself out on furniture, people, floors, everything like he is some kind of giant squirrel. Somewhat surprisingly he is one of the most loving cats I have ever had. He loves to cuddle and be petted. He would lick your face clean off if you let him. He is so amazingly gentle and a complete clean freak. He cleans himself, Ginger, and anyone else he can get a hold of.

Ginger is a fireball. One of the greatest joys in our lives right now is watching Ginger play. She has this little mouse toy that she tosses around our bedroom like she is a member of Cirque Du Soleil. Her favorite thing is to play with it on the bed when we are in it. We just become part of the obstacle course. It is completely giggle worthy. Ginger is also a notorious cat burglar. She loves to jump up into the sink and steal spoons. She is like a bolt of lightning. Before you know it you are chasing her down in the bedroom where she has inevitably brought it to chew on.

Ginger has also become my writing companion. She likes to sit in my lap and sleep while I am working on my novel. Troubadour often comes in and sleeps in the chair next to us. I think all writers should have cats as writing partners. They are quite adorable.

I am amazed at how attached Sheri and I have become to these two little beasts. Life sometimes sends you what you need. I had to talk Sheri into taking Troubadour home and then he got really sick. Ginger only entered our life because when Whisper died we didn’t think it was fair to leave Troubadour alone. Now they are just joy machines (Ginger is also a deadly Ninja. I have the ambush scratches on my feet to prove it). Someday I think I am going to have to write an autobiography. I already have the title, “There Might Be Kittens.”

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  1. sheerchaos says:

    >I love reading about your kittens because I often feel alone in my cat loving addiction. I don't know how to describe it but you always have the right words. I'd like to share a photo with you of my two cats. They make 'love' look so comfortable.http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150134190585937&set=a.479894315936.261428.602735936&theater

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