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Traveling Man

Red Bluff is too damn hot. I sometimes wonder how we ended up in what can only be described as Dante’s 4th circle of hell. I used to think we spent our summers traveling because we wanted to see the world. I now know we are trying to escape melting. No one wants to go out as a melted blob.

We just got back from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and Portland, Oregon. How different is the weather? I would run whenever I wanted. Let me tell you I have had some fantastic runs. I have run in hills, next to rivers, I have seen deer, bunnies, hot air balloons landing. I have never worried about the time of day for those runs because the average temperature has been in the 70’s. Last night it didn’t get into the 70’s until about 3 am.

We have only been in town two days and thankfully are getting right back out. It is off to San Diego and Comic-Con tomorrow and then San Francisco to see some plays. We then have to return to hell for a week. To help us get over a week in hell we will turn around and head to Alaska on a ten-day cruise. We then head to Malibu for a wedding. Sense a pattern here. Sadly, for my brother and cats we are leaving them behind to bake in the oven. Luckily for my brother, we love our cats dearly and air condition the hell out of our house.

We love traveling but we really love getting out of the heat. Plus, Sheri is going to get to see her first Comic-Con. I don’t think she has any idea what she is getting into. Her head probably won’t stop spinning for days. Not to mention I am also going to subject her to her first w00tstock. Between that and meeting more people than she will ever be able to remember her week should be full of win. Now it’s time to pack. Come back later in the week when I tell you about how much I want to become a sell out.

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