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Ugh, editing again

I have been a very bad blogger lately. The truth is I have been really busy. By busy I mean reading a bunch of books and slowly starting up the editing process on my next book. Editing takes me forever but I know what awaits me at the finish line is worth it.

I have also semi-secretly started a few projects. I have been taking notes and fleshing out some thoughts on what my next novel is going to be. I have a few I can’t wait to start but I have decided I am going to start over on my Steampunk novel. The book which is apparently going to be my Moby Dick. Always just out of reach. This is it though. The story is one I clearly love but I have tried writing it twice. Getting almost 50,000 words into it once and not being happy with where the story went. Last chance for this story and then I am going to have to bury it.

I will start giving regular updates on my progress again. It keeps me honest with the work. I will do it every Saturday. In the meantime, I have a book recommendation to throw out at you. Go read The Chaos Walking Trilogy by Patrick Ness. Easily my favorite YA novels of the year, I stayed up past 1:30 last night finishing up book 2. I am totally hooked.

I’ll be back Friday to rant at the world a little. Some stupid stuff has really been bothering me lately but honestly I just didn’t want to depress myself writing about it today.

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