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Why I Run

It’s pretty simple really. If I don’t I get bigger than the Stay Puff Marshmallow man. I love food and seem to come equipped in a body with no stop sign when I eat. I mean I can pack down some serious food. If I told you about some of the days I have had in my life I am fairly certain I can make a few of you sick.

So I run. I run a lot. Even that isn’t enough. I have to keep track of my calories consumed. Otherwise kids will soon be running in fear as I rumble down the road swallowing up small villages.

Since I have started running I have lost over 75 pounds. I have packed on a lot of muscle. My calves look like Popeye’s forearms. I have run a marathon and many half-marathons. I have turned into Golem collecting my precious medals (it’s true I love those shiny things). I am now training for the New York Marathon.

This is the right thing for me. Everyday I look in the mirror. I am not a vain person. I have no false aspirations to Brad Pitt status. I look in the mirror to see the fat me staring back. Right now, at this point in my life. I am not fat. This changes nothing, the fat me is always there lurking, waiting to offer some fried chicken.

The fat me has had it rough. As a kid. fat me was tortured ruthlessly. There were times in my life where my only friends were Star Wars action figures and books. Fat me was on blood pressure medicine. This is a frightening thing when you come from a family where many males have not made it into their 60’s. Fat me didn’t have much fun as a child and seems to be going out of his way to not have much fun as an adult.

So I run and I eat and I run and I count calories and I stay skinny. Because I want to live. Because I want to be able to bend over and tie my shoes. Because my wife for some strange reason wants me around. Because the zombie apocalypse requires fleet feet. Because I like shiny objects. My preciouses…..

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  1. jackiemallon says:

    Good luck on Sunday. Maybe I’ll see you in the corrals!

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